With a growing incidence of damage to property, invasions of privacy, physical attacks on individuals and abductions, demand has increased for security firmsoffering high-standard services.

V.A.N. GROUP INTERNATIONAL provides a high-standard professional security service for the following purposes:

  • cultural and social events
  • physical security presence in buildings and residences
  • service during visits from abroad
  • personal protection
  • security consultancy

The aim of V.A.N GROUP INTERNATIONAL is to provide for clients a complete security service with discretion and with a professional approach.


The individuals which form the acting security team have undertaken special certified courses organised by the U.S government "PROTECTIVE OPERATIONS " and "DEFENSIVE MARKSMANSHIP" and also "Executive Protection Group Training" in Canada. The firm's management is made up of people whose experience includes seven years of providing the personal protection to the president of the Czech Republic and twelve years of security work at cultural events in Canada, USA, and Central and Eastern Europe. They have also been involved in the provision of security for government officials, state visits from abroad and famous personalities from the Czech political and cultural scene.
Who have we provided security for? Our people have provided security for people such as: U.S president Bill Clinton, his wife Hillary Clinton, Norwegian King Harald V, French president Mitterand, Andrea Bocelli, Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Spice Girls, Julio Iglesias, Boney M, David Hasselhoff, Ozzy Osbourn, Geri Halliwell, Vladimír Pucholt, Jethro Tull, Per Gessle, Slade, Bruce Dickinson, Faith no More, Věra Martinová, Alain Delon, Chuck Berry, Bunny Wailer, Peter Bergman, Melody Thomas Scott, Brenda Epperson, 2 Unlimited, Mandy Patinkin, Ricky Martin, Brian Adams, Whoopi Goldberg, Martina Navrátilová, Alberto Tomba and many more.