Following our business achievements on the Czech market since 1990 we have decided to expand our range of services. We would like to underline that these "new" services have in fact featured among those that we previously provided through other companies, ourselves acting as subcontractors. Given our experience, we are aware that we are unable to guarantee services of excellence in such cases when the professional standard, quality, and price are influenced by intermediaries. Therefore, we have decided to act as a company offering full service both to independent visitors and to clients in the Business, Executive and VIP Class categories. We would like to offer our services in the following scope:


We have a car fleet unparalleled in this country, comprising exclusively U.S. automobiles. They include stretch limousines - VIP Cadillac limousines, Lincoln, Mercedes S Park Avenue and Mercedes limousines for Executive clients, Mercedes E cars in Business category; comfortable Ford Club Wagon XLT minibuses are suited to larger groups. The flagship of the fleet is Limo Van - an exclusive VIP automobile which, as well as other cars of this category, meet the requirements for transporting escorted persons. All cars are air-conditioned, fitted with a radio station. The highest class cars feature special equipment (VCR, bar, conferencing equipment, separate driver's space). A GSM mobile phone may be added upon request. A permanent contact with our radio control centre allows us to be highly flexible, a necessity in catering for our discriminating clientele.


Due to the importance and status of our clients, their protection is an obvious part of our services. Our partner, V.A.N. Group International, will discuss your requirements, select the most suitable type of protection and provide you with professional bodyguards as well as a team for system watch and security support at larger events.


Our transport control centre does not only co-ordinate our limousine service but it also provides an extensive transport service. We are able to meet almost any requirements for transport of people and goods both in the Czech Republic and abroad, while complying with international standards. This service is designed to help our clients to prepare demanding events, such as musical concerts and festivals, conferences and other social events. If our customer opts for the Rent-a-Car service, we will provide him/her with the required car. In emergency, we will arrange for the car to be towed away, we will contact the nearest car repair service and provide accommodation or replacement transportation.


Our clients who are not quite decided about their programme during the stay in the country or those who directly request our incoming service can have an itinerary prepared and accommodation arranged. We can also adjust the programme of their stay to be most convenient both in terms of timing and itinerary. We also offer guiding - service in world languages is guaranteed, service in other languages is subject to availability. All our guides are professionals, selected both on the grounds of their expertise and their knowledge of discriminating visitors. Our service includes ticket booking for events and tours of historical buildings and sites, and special check-in at the VIP lounge and the charter terminal of the airport.
As you can see, our range of services is wide. Nevertheless, we are able to provide all of them in the highest quality. We guarantee the best results not only of services provided by LCS, but also by all its partners. They have been selected on the grounds of a long-standing successful co-operation since they are undoubtedly leaders in their respective fields. In the attachment you will find their client list so that you may see that our description of them is true.

In conclusion, before you start going though the technicalities, we would like to present a few rules that we observe.

  • Competence. All those providing the service are fully competent professionals at any time. We do work for money, however, the chief goal is always the client's satisfaction. Nobody forces us to accept an order which would jeopardise the reputation of the company, and consequently the reputation of the client, whose loyalty we value and which is the central point of our business. We do not promise whatever we are unable or unwilling to deliver, but we always fulfil whatever we have promised.
  • Teamwork. Our "retinue" is large, for the client, however, we are always a team. One client should have one supplier since it is the only way to be accountable for the service.
  • Reliability. Our approach is always reliable, we have respect for our clients. We do nothing behind our client's back. We do not cause problems; if problems do occur we don't avoid them and tackle them instead. We expect the same thing from our partners and clients. Unreliable approach is a reason to put an end to co-operation.
  • Confidentiality. When performing our work, we are not a services factory: we are also the customer's companions. Therefore, within the bounds of law, his activities are his/her personal matter. Our service is personal, its content is confidential.


  • Booking and delivery terms. All transport bookings are cleared immediately, not later than 12 hours after the order. Incoming orders are cleared within 24 hours. In high season we guarantee delivery of guiding services for bookings received at least two days before the requested day of service, a period of 10 days before the customer's arrival applies to accommodation bookings. In long-term reservations the payment is required by the last day of the option.
  • Conference services. Conference services are provided subject to individual arrangements.
  • Personal protection. Personal protection may be ordered either to go with transport services, or separately. Orders will be met at a moment's notice.
  • Interpreting and translation. Sun Interpreting & Translation receives through our company only preliminary orders. The details will be arranged directly with them.
  • Prices and rates Prices and rates are supplied in other pages.
  • Conditions of payment. Services are provided only on the basis of orders. Orders can be placed by fax, e-mail or by phone to the control centre. The service may be paid for by credit card (VISA, AMEX, MASTER), in cash, long-standing clients can be invoiced.